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Happy Spring Clippings Readers! I think it's safe to declare that spring has arrived. I think we have all had a rough winter this year but fear not, the warmer days are just ahead. Download the spring issue of Clippings to get the latest information about the Potomac Bonsai Festival, The Annual Spring Auction and other informative and entertaining content. Our Guest Author is Peter Warren giving us a primer on effective fertilization. Danny Coffey gives a little history about Aichien and showcases two legacy trees. Also, check-in with Sensei Sam and his thoughts on emerging from one of our harshest winters in recent memory.

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Previous Issues

Winter 2014.

In this issue of Clippings you will read great content from PBA contributors such as Ross Campbell of the Washington Bonsai Club who guides us, step by step, on creating some great outdoor bonsai stands.

Danny Coffey returns with a step by step on a recent Shimpaku restyle he performed at Aichien bonsai nursery in Japan.

Adam Lavigne is our guest author and contributes to our double feature on Dwarf Jade. The other half of our double feature is written by Stephen Moran of the Brookside Bonsai Society.



Autumn 2013.

Welcome Danny Coffey as a Clippings contributing author and learn a little about his apprenticeship at Aichien in Japan.

Chris Baker reminisces his summer as First Curator's Apprentice at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum.

Todd Ellis shares a Yamadori story.

Sensei Sam grafts a Sargentii juniper.

Restyling a Tosho w/ guest author Owen Reich.


Spring 2013.

Clippings welcomes Seán Coleman as editor in chief.

Sensei Sam learns a new word.

Information on the 2013 Potomac Bonsai Festival and the 2013 ABS Fall Symposium.

Summer 2013

Relive the 2013 Potomac Bonsai Festival in pictures as well as a review of the Annual Spring Action at Behnke's Nursery.

Seán Coleman shares the value of belonging to a bonsai club, society or study group.

A preview of PBA's three visiting 2013 bonsai masters.

Sensei Sam talks about the cascade style.

Guest authors: Michael Hagadorn and Brent Walston.


October 2012.

Steven Miller's first President's Message.

PBA accepts invitation to co-host the 2015 American Bonsai Society Learning Seminar.

John Griffin teaches us how to create a greenhouse for mere pennies!

August 2011.

Roy Nagatoshi's April visit to the Washington Bonsai Club by Ross Campbell.

2011 Joshua Roth New Talent Competition.

The Conifer Garden At Arlington, part 2, by Pete Jones.

Jim Sullivan hunts for treasure with the Potomac Viewing Stone Group.

March 2011

A final goodbye to Julius ‘Jules’ Koetsch by Jim Sullivan.

A visit with Peter Chan by Steve Miller.

The Conifer Garden At Arlington, part 1, by Pete Jones.

Jim Sullivan restyles a Virginia Pine

December 2010.

PBA Remembers founding members Jim Reiden and Jack Cordon, and longtime member Jules Koetsch.

Reflections on Bill Valvanis' Fall Symposium by John Ruth.

Reworking an Acer Palmatum with Jim Sullivan.

March 2010

Show Preparation by Earl Cromney.

Growing Pines From Seeds by Peter Jones.

Jim Sullivan discusses the exceptional winter of 2009/2010.

December 2009.

Ron Lang Kiln opening and Jim Doyle Literati workshop by Thomas Kodiak.

Rescuing and styling a wisteria by Jim Sullivan.

September 2009

Remembering Bill Orsinger by Peter Jones.

Jim Sullivan performes major surgery on a collected azalea specimen.

April 2009

In depth article on air layering technique with a black pine by Peter Jones.

Sensei Sam learns a new word by Jim Sullivan.

January 2009

Illegal Bonsai Imports by Roger Case.

Jim Sullivan discusses Soil mixes.

October 2008

New Publication Policies by Chuck Croft.

Review of the Bonsai 2008 National Convention by Stephen Moran.

Common causes of stress in trees by Jim Sullivan

March 2008

Special attractions planned for the Spring Bonsai Festival.

Considering a new front for your tree by Jim Sullivan.

May 2008

A call for leadership and ideas on promoting PBA in the community.

Advice on preventing mosquitos

Advice on Mugho Pine from Jim Sullivan.

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